Extracting UniqueID from Reply-To Email Not Working

Hi All,

I’ve been playing around with this for a couple of days and can’t seem to figure it out.

I’m using Postmark to create a masked reply-to email that allows users to receive messages sent on my app via email and reply to those messages via a masked email that connects back to the conversation on my app - similar to how Craigslist works.

The messages on my app are stored in a Messages database that includes a data type called Conversation which is a database that stores the members of the conversation.

I have set up the reply-to email in the following format: [email protected].


The ConversationUniqueID I am using is the unique ID of an entry in the Conversation database (automatically created by Bubble when a chat is started). When a user replies to the message via email I am trying to store the ConversationUniqueID part of the email name using Regex, but for some reason it’s not logging anything. The data type I’m trying to store it as is text.

The regex pattern I am using to extract the Conversation Unique ID is: /[^+]*/
which I confirmed works with a RegEx testing site.

When I try to see if I can pull the entire email name before the “@” using “extract alias”, it works so not sure if it’s the Regex pattern or datatype or something else?

Has anyone run into this problem or know how trouble shoot? Appreciate any help!

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