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Facebook Gender not working


I have spent like 4 hours reading all your posts about using the API connector for FB data. I am very very close to getting it to work for location. You can see from the initialization, I am successfully getting “Location” from Facebook:

However, I only get “ID” and “Email” on the dropdowns:

Here are my current settings for reference:

In this particular thread, you mentioned adding more to the scope. I just tried that as well and to no avail:

(FYI, for others wondering how I am pulling Location into the app: I am using a test user from FB’s developer platform which allows me to grant Location as shareable.)

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thank you for sharing! I’m not using FB anymore because it just causes too many headaches and people could still be creating fake accounts that just say they’re female. So I’m taking the gender verification onto my side. So there is no need for FB at the moment since I can get the location without it :slight_smile:

You won’t get gender until you have been through the app review?