FB Signup "Sorry, something went wrong."

I’m setting up a Facebook login/signup. I setup a new account at developers.facebook.com and here are the values I have:

Sorry if this is obvious-- does the FB app need to be approved before I can start using this product? I would think not so I can test out some flows on staging before going live? The user guide for the fb plugin is quite sparse. Facebook - Bubble Docs

@asdfdatav I’ve also ran into the same issue. I’ve been searching online and based on several Youtube videos explaining the configuration of the FB login, it shouldn’t be necessary to request an approval prior to be able to test it.
Coincidently, in some of these Youtube videos there were some people complaining of the getting the exact same error message since last week, so I believe there should exist an issue with either the plugin or with Facebook itself.
If by chance you find a solution, please let me know :pray:

thanks for the response. hopefully they fix it soon!

@asdfdatav got what the problem was!

When I tried to login to FB through a phone I got a different error message that mentioned I was lacking the scope “email” on the permissions.

Basically you just need to got to the Meta for Developers page, under “Build your App” click in “Use Cases”, and finally under “Authentication and account creation” click on the edit button and add the email permission :rocket:

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you are a damn hero

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