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Facebook Gender not working

Hi there,

I’ve not used bubble for a while and haven’t changed anything to my app.

How it was working:

  • login with facebook
    -> “current user’s gender = current’s user’s facebook’s gender” (aka. “female” or “male”)
    if male= no login but a pop up with an explanation “female only app”
    if female= login and create account

right now:
gender seems to be empty and it’s not taking anything from facebook, therefore “gender” stays empty messing up the login process (aka. denying login to everyone)

Is the facebook plugin not working or what has changed? Because my settings haven’t changed.

Appreciate any help!


Gender was deprecated unless you get an app review.

Because “privacy”.

Ugh, dammit! Thanks for the heads up. Request app review now. :slight_smile:

Actually, just saw that it has been approved temporarily but it’s still not working. Maybe another problem after all? :thinking:

I think you will now need to specifically ask for it in the scope.

user_gender on top of public_profile

Yeah, just tested it, it will need a new scope, and pulls it out specifically in the permissions …


But it shows separate.
In my previous scrreenshot it shows “public_profile” as permission and also “gender” as permission. :thinking:

Yes, that is what has been approved.

But you now need to ask for it when you do the login.

And I doubt the standard plugin will ask for it.

Do you mean in the plugin or in the login process?
Because in the process it’s still there:

But I see that in the bubble FB plugin it says “public profile”. Does that mean I need to create an extra API request? :confused: (struggled with it last time and managed to make the bubble FB plugin work instead.)

That won’t include gender. You may need to create your own.

I just don’t manage to set up the API call for gender… Help please?

There was an issue setting up your call.

Raw response for the API
{“error”:{“message”:“Invalid OAuth access token.”,“type”:“OAuthException”,“code”:190,“fbtrace_id”:“CV9lF8HKR8b”}}


You may need to add the public profile scope as well, so Bubble can do the get on the user.

ok. is there a good “how to” you can recommend, please?
Because everything I’ve tried is just not working :confused:
I’m happy with the bubble facebook plugin. All I need extra is the gender because it’s a female only travel app. Without the gender it kind of defies the purpose of it :sweat_smile:

That’s because there’s too many of them. There should only be two, but for some reason FB thinks there’s 53, or some other insane number like that. :rofl:

#eyeroll, @gnelson.

But @AlexDaresTo, should your app be approved, the old fashioned FB plugin should receive the data. (@NigelG might know more about this.) Personally, I use Oauth2 simply to identify what we might call “log-in-ability” which is all we SHOULD care about. (Because it’s all we CAN care about.)

Aside: The intersection of genetic “sex” and “gender” is a Venn diagram, not a Boolean. Gender !== Sex (the types are different). Gender == Sex is true for certain values of Gender and Sex. Check your local ordinances. Here ends today’s sermon.

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I don’t think it will, as the “old” Bubble plugin will only have the “old” basic scope not the additional scopes for gender etc

So I think you will need to write your own API connector. Will test it out and let you know the details.

Binary sex based on XX and XY chromosomes was brought to us by the same people who told us that there were 3 types of matter, solid/liquid/gas.

Ignoring the largest type in the universe, Plasma.

Made school science easier to understand, but like XX/XY … the reality is more complex and not binary for roughly the same % of the population who have green eyes. Whenever I meet a green-eyed person (literal, not figurative) I remind myself of this.

The “old” plugin is what I’ve been using for login with gender and it worked so far. It didn’t at the beginning because the plugin wasn’t taking gender, that’s right. But I talked to bubble and they updated the plugin. That’s probably a year ago…
Just recently the login with gender on my app stopped working for some reason.


They may have added the new scopes then. Only they will know.

Well that’s the “modern” definition. LOL

Your best bet is to do this on your app side, not on FB API. Even if you succeed getting FB login to retrieve gender appropriately and apply to your conditional statement, chances are they will keep making changes to their Oauth and new requirements in their latest updates to frustrate you.

Better just grab the basic information and present your new users with a screen like “Female Only App. Are you female?” If they click “Yes”, it continues to create a new account… but if they click “No”, it wipes out their whole information sending them back the ground zero