Facebook - Information: gender

Hi there!

My app is meant to be female only.
1. How can I take this information from their Facebook profiles?
(I’m using the Facebook plugin, should (how) I use the Facebook API? )
( 2. How do I “hold” the email signups, until they are verified? (Keep them from using the app) )

Thank you in advance!! :slight_smile:

Anyone who could please help me with this?
@Bradluffy @NigelG :blush:
You both seem to have a good hang of the platform!


So I can only help you with the second part of your question since I have not used the Facebook plugin.

Have the signup create a user that has a field Verified Yes/No. Set that field to No upon first signup. After verificiation then set that field to Yes. Have the app not respond to users unless the field Verified is Yes. There are other ways to do this, however this would appear to be the easiest and fastest method in my opinion.

Does this make sense? Perhaps @NigelG can help with the plugin part.

Have a great day.

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Thank you, Brad! I’ve implemented this now! :slight_smile:

Really hope to get the gender directly from Facebook. I hope someone can help with it.

my app is not gender specific (but I find this useful in order to populate dynamic content in relation to the gender of a consumer) and i cant answer re Facebook but i use https://gender-api.com/en/ I found this to be quite robust and provide explicit API responses to both male and female based on email and name variables. It also provides a score which can be used to make a determination whether to apply agenda or in my case make the dynamic content gender neutral