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Facebook login suddenly not working anymore

Hi guys

Since today our login with facebook does not work anymore.
We get this:

Anyone experiences this?


Exact same thing for me… I spent hours trying to solve it… no idea :sweat:

i was about to do that but then i wanted to ask the forum first :slight_smile: Lets see if we can get some help

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Having the exact same issue

Yep, same here. Not seeing anything on FB dev portal re: known issues


This is a facebook error message, not Bubble. Did you guy search the internet for a cause there (like a facebook forum)?

I think it’s specific to Bubble.

I tried connecting through Facebook through other platforms (, for example) and there was no issue.

Well this page is branded by Facebook, so it’d be great to know what triggered it.

Any suggestions on how to resolve?

I have not done anything to my workflows so i just use “SignUp/Login” with Facebook.

It’d be good to ask Facebook here, once again, this error is thrown by Facebook.

This has happened before on Facebook’s end. See:

Edit: I am reading that you can check logs in Facebook under your app settings. These logs will be more explicit in the error you are encountering. If everyone having Oauth issues on FB pastes their recent log dumps or send to Bubble in an email perhaps they may be able to assess the situation, but, it would seem this is on Facebook’s end. I am finding dozens of articles talking about similar errors, and everyone recommends checking the logs as a first step.

so we just need to wait than :slight_smile:

Facebook says they’re working on a fix right now (see link below)

Do you know how to use the work around Domenico mentions?

I haven’t searched the forums in depth, but it would be nice to know: can you setup multiple login authentication methods for a single user? If so, would the alternate login methods also have to be OAuth/SSO-based? …or could an alternate method be email and password?

Edit: nevermind, found the answer (which I believe is YES) [Resolved] Social Media OAuth As Email Validator, Regardless of Initial OAuth

Does anyone know if these types of Facebook bugs happen frequently, and if it usually takes Facebook this long to fix them?

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