Login error, can’t login into my account

I was logged out of my Bubble account and when I try to login with Google, I get this message:

I’m facing other problem when logging with LinkedIn in may App.

I don’t know if they are correlated, but. It’s another problem blocking me. Can you help me?

Same for me

This is an issue today with Bubble, looking into this as well.

Me too… Any indiction on time frame for a fix?

Same… wish I opened the forum first before sending a support ticket haha! Thought I was hacked or even banned! :exploding_head:

problemas con las cuentas de facebook, incluso problemas con las cuentas

I’ve had a heart attack, I don’t get those cute messages. I get an oauth error since I’m using Google for my login.

This is a bit scary for our production environment.

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mis workflows no estan funcionando como es debido

This may be related to the outage

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