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Facebook OAuth Connector (OAuth + Actions) - New free plugin from Pathfix

New Facebook plugin from Pathfix - Facebook Connector!

This plugin allows your Users to Connect to Facebook and offers API that you can call for Data and Action on behalf of your connected user without the effort of setting up an OAuth Token Authorization, Refresh Flow or API setup.

The plugin will handle the following:

  • UI/Visual element that renders the connect button
  • Entire OAuth process (user authorization, token management and user connection)
  • API calls to the relevant endpoints

UI/Visual Element
Rendered automatically via Pathfix OAuth Connector plugin


Actions Available

If you are looking for any additional APIs, send us an email to [email protected] and we will add the API to the plugin :slight_smile:

Pathfix Team

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Looks great! Love this! Any chance there’s a call to retrieve a user’s conversations

Thanks @chris.williamson1996

Could you share a link to the specific API you are looking for? We could check feasibility and add it as part of our next release :+1:

Would you be able to publish a Post in a specific Facebook Group and include images?

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Is there a link to the API that you can share?

We can always take the request and add it to the plugin :slight_smile:

Sorry, I have no idea. Would that not be the normal Facebook API?

You say one of the actions available via your Plugin it to Publish a Post or Publish a Link or Photo. Presumably that would publish to your own Wall, but if we could publish to a particular group that we are already a member of, that would be very useful.

It would be a specific API that would run that function.

No worries, let me have the team look into it and add that in.

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Hi, Pathfix team, Did you figure out the facebook group integration. My use case, I would want the user access facebook group posts (read / comment) through my SAAS platform. Otherwise, the user will have to leave my platform and go to Facebook. Looking forward for your response :slight_smile:

This is incredible, @Pathfix. I see that you offer support for Instagram Graph API. What are the chances that you’d be willing to develop a Bubble plugin for that API? It would be HUGE.


This is in the works :wink:

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@Pathfix Probably an ignorant question, but can you use the “Publish Post to Page” call to make a post to a page on the user’s behalf? FB’s API documentation seemed a little fuzzy on this point. Here, it seemed to suggest you can do so by supplying a user access token (rather than page token), but I’ve read elsewhere that this is not the case.

A second, related question: Would it be possible to update the “Post to Page” action so that we could specify a feeling or activity along with the post, as well as including the following fields:

  • Place
  • Tags

And, finally, would it be possible to add the capability to get an app user’s friend list?