Facebook profile images expire after a year

In my app, for users who signed up more than 1 year ago, their profile pictures are broken. I assume Facebook does this as a security measure. When you try to go to the picture url, you get the message:

URL signature expired

I guess going forward I should select Saved to S3 so that they are saved on Bubble.

Any idea on how to update pictures for existing users (without manually downloading and uploading)? I tried to do it using an API workflow but the picture just gets wiped. Does Facebook allow API access to these photos except when logging in?

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I’m having the same problem, even though with me the picture is broken after less than a year (I’d say half a year). In the end I guess we would (ideally) want dynamic profile pictures, that change when the user changes his/her Facebook profile picture. Not a big deal to me (as long as they have a profile picture), but any solutions/workarounds to this?