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Facebook, show profile picture to other users

How you ever seen a comment section after a news article that uses user’s Facebook profile picture next to each comment?

I am experimenting with something like this but I am unable to display the profile image from other users next to their comments. It’s like it’s not available. I can only see the profile picture of the currently logged user (your own).

I am using

Current Cell’s | Comment’s creator’s | Facebook’s Profile Picture

Nothing shows for other users except for your own image. I can see the actual comments records others write.

What causes this? Is this restricted?

I wonder if the proper thing to do here, is ask the user to upload an Avatar image or let them indicate that they want to use their own Facebook Profile picture as the Avatar image… in which case, I would copy the Profile picture to an Avatar field to use for that user with all his or her comments.

If you offer a signup with/login with facebook feature - you can extract their profile image and save it for use in your app. You can also do a search via their email for an avatar using Gravatar (I made a plugin in bubble to that). Last you can have them upload an avatar or make one. I use all of these in my app to find a profile picture/avatar for the user.


@john3 Excellent!

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