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How to save a users profile picture after they upload an image to the image uploader

I’ve read other forums still need help with this though

It’s pretty simple, just create a button with a workflow as follows: When button is clicked, make changes to User, field “Profile Photo” (or similar image field which you have created in your User database) = Image Uploader’s value. Check the image below:


I guess everybody was busy on fathers day haha but I already figured it out last night

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now I’m having trouble making sure another user cant edit somebody elses profile picture when they go onto their account

I wouldn’t allow someone onto the users account where they edit their profile. I would create another page to show non editable profile data.

Take Facebook as an example. The profile page you see as a friend of someone is not the page you use to edit your profile.

that’s what I mean I only want users to have options to edit their own profile but I will figure it out when I get to that point just wondering how it would be done

You need to make the page or some object in the page display the User using the ‘Type of Content’ property.

You can also have a group on the page, set the ‘Type of Content’ field to “User” and ‘Data Source’ to “Current User”

For the image, you can auto-bind to the parent element thing that was set in the screenshot above.


Thank you I haven’t gotten to that part yet but I will come back to this.