Favorite/Bookmark Workflow

I’m trying to create a workflow to allow a user to favorite or bookmark an event from the event detail page. I’ve looked through other similar topics, but not able to get this to work. Nothing is changing in the database. Please help.

Here’s the workflow to favorite the event by clicking on an empty heart (the previous image was to unfavorite the event by clicking on a filled heart):

Hey @cheol.rim

  1. Add a condition on each of the ‘When icon is clicked’ workflows. They should look like:
  • When Icon is clicked and Current User’s Events Saved contains Current Page Event
  • When Icon is clicked and Current User’s Events Saved doesn’t contain Current Page Event
  1. Instead of making changes to a list of events, set the type of things to Current User, set the thing to change to Current User (not a list), and change the field Events Saved (either add Current Page Event, or remove Current Page Event depending on whether the Event is contained in Current User’s Event Saved)

Hope this helps

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Similar question. You will find the answer here.

I was implementing your workflow the wrong way (below pic), but figured out that the thing to change and the field had to be entered separately. Thanks for the tip. And adding the condition was what I was going to figure out next so thanks for saving me the headache.

I was able to figure out how to build my workflow by looking at your demo. Thanks for the help. The bubble community has been really great.

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