Feature proposal: DB pictorial view

hi Bubble @emmanuel

First of all I want to say thanks for creating the grandson of VB and Delphi but on steroids aka 1000x better. This new abstraction will beat traditional coding (as long as traditional coders keep “intellectualizing” the industry, aka making it more complex unnecessarily).

My idea proposal: a pictorial view of the DB

so we can see each DT, their fields and relationships with other DTs as objects. Kinda like the old data models we see in enterprise design, this will facilitate our designs and MOSTLY AVOID REWORK in case we make a mistake in our DB model/design.

I know you’re busy but keep it in the backlog if you do consider it will add value (I do)
thanks again

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Plugin is available

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Hey @natserrano, I would suggest throwing it on Bubble’s Ideaboard at Bubble | Build Powerful Full-Stack Apps Without Code

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thanks, I tried and it’s useful but if Bubble can develop a more visio like solution it would be great!

Yes, the ideaboard is a great place for things like this.

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