I have SEO reading Fatigue but still am unsure about SEO on a single page app that uses Sudsy URL's can anyone help

Hey all, I’ve spent the last few days reading so much content that I am brain fatigued and probably overloaded in information which could be leading me to be missing something in front of my eyes… Analysis paralysis if you will…

Basically I would like to know in the most definite terms that are possible, and I know this is a sketchy area for a number of obvious reasons, if I build some of my app as a single page using sudsy or an equivilant method to add path parameters (ie myapp.com/search/widgets/little-widgets/blue-widget-20cm-10293842) will this be SEO friendly, will I be crawled, will it work on google analytics???

Thanks in advance for any valuable information


Bumping… So I’ll reduce the ask from definite terms to anyones hunch…

Anyone? Would really love some support here?

Guys last bump… @sudsy maybe

Hi @chad5,

First of all, let me start off by saying that I am not an SEO expert. In fact, SEO wasn’t the primary impetus behind developing Sudsy Page. Rather, it was the same-page navigation without requiring a page refresh, deep linking, user-friendly “clean” URLs, and other benefits mentioned in the plugin description. Any SEO benefits turned out to be an added bonus.

That said, the extent of my knowledge is pretty much summarized in this post. In short, Google does see the URLs as unique and can crawl them.

Other users of the plug-in (Some of whom are much more knowledgeable about SEO than I am) might have something to add. :slightly_smiling_face:

@sudsy Exactly the answer I was looking for… You are ACE!


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