Field/image from previous search showing in RG if missing data

I have an RG showing search results from the @ZeroqodeSupport Algolia plugin.

The first time time the the search results load on a page, if images are missing from a result, that image is blank. but the SECOND time that search results load, when the next search is performed, if an image is missing, it shows the image that was in that cell/index during the previous search.

Here’s what I mean:

  • First screenshot shows a search for ‘white underwear’. The first 3 results have a missing image and are blank.
  • Second screenshot shows the next search, for ‘black underwear’. Since the 4th result had no image, the 4th image from the previous ‘white underwear’ search is showing.
  • Third screenshot shows a following search for ‘white underwear’ again. Since the first 2 results had no image, the images for the previous ‘black underwear’ results are showing.

I tried to use the “Element Actions > Clear List > RG” action to somehow reset the list, but didn’t seem to have the right effect.
Any ideas?

Hi, @manwithaplan!

Thanks for reaching out!

To help you better and understand what is going wrong, could you please provide a bit more details like plugin elements settings screenshots, workflow screenshot and RG settings?

Zeroqode Team

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