Field References Data Type List that isn't Populating in App Data

Hi! I have two data tables created. One for the current user details, and one for the loan details. If a user has multiple loan entries, I would like those details listed in the current user data table. I referenced this by creating a field that points to the loan detail data type, and while the loan details are populating in the table, the field that points to that list doesn’t, so I must be missing something. Any recommendations are appreciated!

So bubble displays lists weirdly in the database viewer.

It might be you have the database set up perfectly and just need to get data in there. You can do that with a button on a page to test adding loans to users.

Is there a way for this to pull the current user? I am assuming that the user logs in or signs up and the loan detail values input are associated with the user (they can also input more than one set of loan details). I guess that is maybe the part that I cannot figure out, how do I get this table to load the current user into the app data table for the loan details?

I have been messing with this too, but this doesn’t seem right. It doesn’t let me just input the value when I select the current user. It makes you pick the current user’s value is, is not, is not empty, etc. but I just want the value.