Field references in Rich Text

i am very new to Bubble. So far i love it :slight_smile:
i want to store contracts and agreements in a database. These consist of Customer Data (name, address,…) and text (Rich Text). As the text is also a matter of changes i want to keep this dynamic to users

Is there a way to include data fields (reference) data fields in a rich text, like in other Mail Merge applications?

thank you!

Yes, you could define your own set of data placeholders - something like {{datapoint1}}. Your users could insert these wherever necessary.

And then run a :find&replace on the rich text entered to replace the placeholders with corresponding data from your DB.

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super! thank you very much
does the :find&replace need a predfined list, or can i loop throgh all {{ … }} it will find?

You can run multiple :find and replace operations one after the other to cover every placeholder you have. Each :find and replace will replace all instances of the placeholder/target keyword you define in it.

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great … i think this solves it… as the amount of placeholders is finite…
thank you

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