Storing text with Dynamic variables intact

In the image below I have some text which has 2 places where a dynamic input is used to fill in certain data points. Right now I’m using a multiline input element for this. I’d like to store this block of data in such a way that I can use this in a repeating group, with the dynamic data maintaining it’s dynamic nature…i.e. the input fields on the page could be changed and the RG’s set of cells update accordingly.

I have multiple such blocks of data each with static text surrounding dynamic text that the RG will display. As best as I can tell, the Bubble DB does not allow rich text to be stored, nor does it retain the dynamic field as a dynamic field if I were to store, but instead would store the dynamic data statically.

Are there any other methods of handling this data that I’m not considering?


Yeah, you’ll need to use the plugin “Rich Text Editor” (you can use the one created by bubble) instead of the basic multiline input and it will store the formatted text as is.

This does just what I needed, thanks.

Now, if I could get the PDF creator tool I’m using to recognize the BB code that this plugin adds to the saved content, then I’ll be in business.

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