Field to modify

Hi, In repeating group I have Multi select drop down plugin.
Bubble shows 1 issue that is to fill Field to modify.
When I open Filed to Modify there is search and Create a new field.
I have nothing to search for and the I create new field it does not show.
How can I get rid of this issue?
Thank you upfront.

The multiselect dropdown’s value will always be a list (in your case a list of Zbozis).

So you can only autobind its value to a field on the parent group’s datatype that is a list of Zbosis.

So, presumably the parent group’s datatype does not have a list field of Zbosis, which is why you can’t select it.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to do here, but either you’ve set your database up wrong for what you’re trying to do, you’re using the wrong element, or you’ve selected the wrong choices type.

So just make sure what you’re trying to do matches up with what you’re setting in the properties editor…

If you’re still not sure, maybe some screenshots of your current database setup, and a clear explanation of what you’re trying to achieve would help someone see where you’re going wrong…

Awesome, thank you. Will take a look more on autobiding. I had feeling that I set database and parenting right since it show database is I wanted to. I just did not come cross to this field yet so I don’t know what to do with that … or what is it for.
But I will play with that little bit more.

You should also make sure in your privacy rules that autobinding is allowed for the specific field you want to bind.

As Adam said, do not hesitate to share screenshots !

This field (Field To Modify) is (as the name suggests) the actual field on the Thing that you want to the input to modify.

For example, if you were using a regular input field to change a User’s name, the parent group of the input would have to have a content type of User, and refer to the specific User you want to change (and have the required privacy rules to do so). Then you would set the Field to Modify to ‘Name’ as that’s the field you are changing.

Obviously, the type of the field in question has to match the type of the input’s value.

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