Multidropdown error that I cannot understand - confusing 'field to modify' with 'choices source'

I’ve been scratching my head with this error that’s been occurring across a few points in my app and can’t figure out where the issue is.

I have a field on my form which is a ‘multidropdown’ response and it is tied to a ‘list of texts’. It’s also got auto-binding applied to it. You can see this in the below screenshot. So far I don’t think this set up is problematic.

However, I’m getting the below error.


I don’t know what it means by it’s not a possible option. When I click on the error is highlights the 'Fields to modify’ as the issue, but this is correct. The options are listed in Choices source, which is an option set. There is my confusion. I believe the fields above are filled out correctly - the field to modify is the correct field from the database, and the choices are an option set.

Why is this error originating and telling me that a file dot modify is not a possible option?

Any guidance on this would be much appreciated!

The field to modify should be a list of option set type, not a list of text. I think this is the issue. Both type doesn’t match actually.

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Often those are the kind of errors you might see if you’ve copied an element from another page, or another app, or deleted an option set, datatype, or field, and there’s some broken reference somewhere?..

Have you done anything like that?

Have you tried just turning off the autobinding and then turning it back on again?.. to see if the error persists

Or changing the option type to something else, then back again?..


Thanks, that looks like it removed the error

I was getting the error again, but forgot to tick that the field will have a list (given its a multi select field).

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Tried these earlier, but error continued.

But I’ve now learnt that the OSs need to match up with OSs as the data type, I didn’t expect it not to work with texts, but it makes sense upon reflection

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