Fields for things not showing up

I have added a field to a thing and when I to to look at the data in the database the field is not there.

I am actually missing two fields. results and sresults. I was trying to add another one, anytime I create a new field it doesn’t seem to be showing up now.

In app data next to survey click on the little pencil it will bring up a screen where you can choose which fields to display

Yeah I’ve noticed sometimes upon creating new fields in an existing data type that those new fields wont show on the default/full view in App Data. After a hard refresh shift + image
It then shows up. You can always double check by clicking ‘New entry’ and seeing if the fields exist in the window.


Thanks Chad. I knew it would be something simple.

Make sure you mark as solved

Done, and thanks again for your help,

Final question, why does it not save that? I have to click that pencil every time I got to the database, shouldn’t the default “all” show you everything?

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