Figma + getting started questions

Hey! I plan to create an MVP using a nocode tool, most likely Bubble. I’ve played around in it, went through the onboarding training, and they have a lot of things going for them (the ecosystem like plugins, edu. resources, etc.)

I am just a little confused about the best way to approach the UI - - from my experience so far + ability, I know I won’t be able to create a really clean UI inside Bubble - I am thinking about using some Figma designs which can be further customized


  1. how will the app design workflow look using Figma? First I import Figma UI and then build the backend? Or the other way round?

  2. Once the app is functional with the UI imported from Figma, and I need to make app and UI changes, will this be easy enough given the interface? How will the process look when I need to make changes?

  3. Are there any serious drawbacks for using Figma?

  4. Any other suggestions how to create a really clean UI?


Figma is a great approach to start out with, the only issue being mobile responsiveness.

So I guess my advice would be to keep widths small(ish) in groups so transitioning to mobile is easier.

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