How do you approach building your app? Design or database?

Hello bubble folks! I have an egg-before-the-hen or hen-before-the-egg type of question. I know any one approach will have just as many merits as the other, or maybe you folks don’t do either or, but I really want to know how you think about this:

When building an app which comes first, the design or the database? What seems natural to you and serves you best and why?

Thanks for any thoughts you can share so I can learn from your processes.

My favourite way, using a simple drawing board, trying to visualize the use cases, putting them into very basics wireframes.

From these wireframes extract all needed elements and list them nearby.

Then i decide what database structures make sense as I can visually see the relationships between the objects and datatypes :slight_smile:

Hope that helps.
Curios how other people do it. :wave:t2:


@paramedic404 Even though I came to bubble from prototyping, I’ve never loved the wireframes. I never have the patience for basic design, everything is fully formed in my head when I conceive it and I want to see it on the screen in full colors! LOL. Also, all my bubble builds so far have already had a prototype built pre-bubble. As a matter of fact, I found bubble while looking for Figma to app conversion tools. But none of them was going to be robust enough to take my Figma prototypes and give me an app.

That said, your method is only logical. Thanks for sharing it!

Thats very interesting. I also use Figma to do my designs. Before i used bubble, i prototyped everything in Figma to try it out. My approach changed over time, as i like to check feasability in a bubble database structure, it sometimes changes my design ideas.

I anyway afterwards create hi-fi designs in figma to have a “blue-print” of what i need to build.

Another nice-to-know question would be, are you using a backlog-tool. or are you building whats on your screen right away?

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No, no backlog tool. With bubble, it even less likely because I am just not that patient. :slight_smile: