Best way to start building my first app

Hi all,

I’m not new here I’ve spent a while vetting this solution along with other visual programing platforms like Wappler. I figured if I don’t just start building then I’ll never get started. Anyways I’m just now getting started but I want to know when building my app…

Should I go through and create all the pages and build the graphic UI first and then go back and do the logic after I’m done?

Or should I build the graphic UI and do the logic as I go?

It seems as I watch videos on Bubble that seems to be what people are doing, but when I watch tutorials on Figma or Sketch or Adobe UX those people say its good to do the graphic UI first and then go back to code all the interactions and how it’ll function.

Last question is can I design the UI in Figma or Sketch or Adobe UX and then import it into Bubble?

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You can import Figma to Bubble. Bubble is also working on releasing the official feature for it very soon. Personally, I like building the graphic work first and then the logic.

You can’t go wrong with the logic :wink:


I hope I can find a tutorial on that. given that I already know how to use Figma and that I’ve been told Bubble lacks some styling, I’d like to use that method. But I guess there will be some other adjustments to make if I want it to be responsive too…


So you can actually import figma into Bubble now?