Figuring out average capacity costs estimates prior to prototyping

Hi all, I’m trying to figure out capacity costs as we’re building an MVP for a client and they need to understand that so we can add to the quote. Hoping someone from the community can help.

I’ve looked at the pricing page and it says you can estimate it by building the prototype first’ testing with initial users’ then determine peak capacity consumption. The issue is our client doesn’t want to move forward with the bubble mvp without understanding these costs.

I’m looking for some guidance on how we can potentially provide an estimate on the average capacity costs.

Alternatively, I wonder if anyone is familiar with building something on Bubble for clients in Transportation Management Software space. I wonder if anyone who has built something in similar industries might be able to provide a use case and average capacity costs for that build?

Thanks in advance!

hey there,

given the events last week, the future pricing of bubble plans is still unclear. Pricing: the path forward from here - #27 by edd . We’re all waiting for bubble to release their revised pricing plans. I’d suggest you hold off on this decision for a week, if you can :slight_smile:

It also depends on the type of application you’re trying to build and what the database structure looks like. If it needs to be a real-time database, you’re better off using Firebase as an external DB and their suite of built-in Google APIs. In that case, you’ll probably be fine with a personal plan on Bubble + Firebase costs.


You can al

This is a :fire: combo! If you go that route, I’m happy to consult! I have quite a bit of experience tying into Firebase and offloading heavy work to the google cloud!

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