Figuring out how many users logged into an app today

Hello guys, So im creating a dashboard for a delivery app… And im trying to figure out how i can have bubble display to me the number of users that have logged in to the app today. I cave a customer data field that each user is assigned to… And im not sure how i can get bubble to tell me how many users have logged in today. Here is what it looks like…

Hi @lodzilankhulani Without going into much details, I can give an idea on how you can achieve this, create a field on the users called “last login”, then on the dashboard you can do a "search for users:count where last login is current date/time rounded down to day. That should help you get how many users logged in that day.

Hello @iwakinomotoye, Ive just tried this and the value bubble is giving me is 0. Going into the database the"Last login" I have created is empty… So im failing to understand how exactly the dashboard is going to get the Last login… her is what it looks like…


Also ensure that privacy rule is not block you from seeing the users count. so if I were you, I will first check the users count without any constraint. If you are satisfied with the result you get, then you can go ahead and add the constriant.

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