Getting the users logged in at a specific time each day?


I am quite experienced with Bubble, but something is driving me NUTS.

Basically, I have made an app that that generates values multiple times every hour - for example, if I log how many users are currently logged in every 15 minutes.

However, I am not sure how to display how many users were logged in at 12:00 P.M. each day for the past 30 days in a repeating group. This would also apply if I wanted to view how many users were logged in at the start of each hour for the past 12 hours and display that in the repeating group.

I can’t do this because there are so many values generating on a daily basis. Therefore, I can’t simply look up the past X amount of values.

Does anyone have any solution or idea on how to display this in a repeating group for example? I am not too sure how to manipulate the date function to do so.


I am looking for a very similar thing. To get logged in users at the current moment.

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