Switch to live database Issue

Good morning. I’m new to Bubble and would like your help.
I created an app from a template mainly by using the suggested interface. The application evolves by creating new pages and deleting those from the template, as well as deleting the template tables and creating new tables.
My doubt is in the management of the Database. There are two options when I access the “App Data” tab: “Copy and Restore database” and “Switch Live to database”, when I clicked on the “Switch Live to database” option all my created tables were deleted and only the tables were kept originating from the template ! I lost all the work I had… what did I do wrong? How to prevent it from happening again, as I created the tables and redid all the dynamic notes that were lost. I’m in the final stages of testing and preparing to put the app into production.
Thanks in advance for the help.

Hi there, @helviodarochalima… switching to the live database does not make any changes to your database… it simply shows you the live database (that is, the data types and data in live) as it currently exists. When you deploy your app to live, any changes you made to the data types in the development version of the database will be deployed to the live database, but the data in the datatypes will not be overwritten in live unless you use the copy and restore feature to copy data from development to live.

If you switched to viewing the live database and didn’t see any of the data type changes you made in development appearing in live, then you must not have deployed those changes to live. But again, switching to viewing the live database did not delete anything in live.

Hope this helps.