File_name(More...) why does it ask for (More...) while it seems logical to me

So i’m trying to setup a csv uploader system from “1T - CSV Uploader” and i’ve been watching the tutorial where he explains how to set it up, i’ve followed everything

However this is the kind of thing i don’t seem to get on Bubble, very often while i think i’m doing something logical on workflows, it asks me (More…) here it’s the same issue i do the exact same thing and on the video it’s not asking for (More…) but for me it does, i have a screenshot so you can understand what i mean

If anyone can point out what the issue is, and/or explain why this happens to me so often i would greatly appreciate it to avoid it in the future : )

You have seleted type of inventory, but in data source, selected inventory file. If this is a list of file you wan’t to run on the scheduled WF, change the type of thing to file (if this is a file list).

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maybe i did not understand what you tried to explain me,
but i do not have alot of options except from “inventory file”

The reason it’s asking you for more, is because the expression you’ve entered doesn’t evaluate to the correct ‘type’ for the field.

So it’s waiting for you to continue the expression until the expression’s value matches the expected type.

For example, if you have a field that has the type ‘Text’ and you enter the expression Current User it will ask you for more because the expression does not yet evaluate to a text. Once you continue the expression to output a text value it will be accepted.

In your first example, you’ve set the Type of things for the workflow to run on to be ‘Inventory’.

Therefore, the list to run on MUST be a list of Inventories

but your expression is NOT a list of Inventories, but rather a single Inventory File (which is neither the correct type, nor a list) - hence why it’s red, and is expecting you to continue the expression until it evaluates to a list of Inventories.

Then, you’ve entered an expression of This Inventory in the upload file field. The value of the expression is an Inventory.

I’ve got no idea what the expected value of your ‘Upload file’ workflow parameter is (perhaps it’s ‘file’?), but it’s obviously not Inventory, hence the error again, as the expression is not complete.

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if you want to watch the extract of the video i’m following it’s from
6:20 to 7:28

you need to define a List of Inventories (as that’s the type of thing you’ve selected to run the workflow on).

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First question to answer is what is the type of thing? Inventory OR file. Choose the correct option this field first.

ye it’s a file lol i didn’t see it in the list (i also wasn’t thinking about the “type”)
thx you guys helped

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thx, i’m pretty new to bubble so i have alot to learn yet about workflows but this helped ; )