File privacy for audio files (digital marketplace)

Hi :wave:! I’m working on a site that is based on audio, and extremely stuck on privacy settings after a test deploy. I’m trying to set up the following functionality:

  • Anyone can listen to the file
  • Only creator or buyer can access the URL to download

Would I need some kind of separate plugin to accomplish this? As I have it:

  • Make this file private is enabled for the file upload element
  • Only creator and buyer can view attached files for the audio object (confirmed that the URL is private in incognito window)
  • How can I make it so logged out users can also listen, but not access the URL. I have not been able to get the files to play although it plays with no privacy settings.

Is this possible? The following basic implementation for logged out users doesn’t seem to work, not sure what I’m not understanding about this function.

Huge thanks to anyone that could help.

There’s no real way to make content that you are giving to the user private.

If I show you an image you can someway, somehow get that image. - - Same with an audio file.

i am trying to do the same thing. someone told me it has to do with Encrypted Media Extensions but I think that may be too complex for regular bubble so you will probably need a custom plugin.

Thanks for the response! The EME does seem advanced.

From what I’ve found it doesn’t seem like you can find the file URL within the element that it lives on by inspecting the page. I’m not advanced at inspecting pages, but my main concern is that a visitor could find the file link somehow without paying for it. My app depends on this so I’m hoping to find some sort of solution. Thanks for the input so far.

Open the Developer tools in Chrome and then click Network at the top. Refresh the page and press play on the song. Look and see if a large Media file shows up in the list. This is the easiest way to tell if the file is accessible to everyone.

Thanks so much for this tip!!! Looks like they are visible and accessible unless it’s uploaded as private. I’ll keep searching for some kind of solution :disappointed:. Thanks for your help!