File too big error

I’m trying to upload a compressed file that is 51.9mb and every-time I try to upload this file, I’m getting a file too big error on my site. Is there any place on Bubble that allows you to change the max upload size? I can’t find it.

45mb is also too large? wtf!?

last time i checked 50MB is maximum file upload. Check the forum …plently of posts on the topic. Need to go large…then look at the various plugins which bypass this limit by using 3rd party storage


Not cool, not cool at all.

By the way, it won’t do 41.8mb’s either, so the already too low 50mg limit isn’t the actual limitation.

It is a frustrating one. 50MB these days is nothing for data uploads.

Need to shout about it a bit more…

Yes and this isn’t something you want to find out AFTER you have already built a large app. I’m typically cool about stuff, but this got under my skin a little bit.

This was discovered while using a smaller app that I recently built. I have a huge app that has the same isssue and I had absolutely no idea.

Maybe I just missed it, but if I didn’t I want to make a reasonable suggestion to @Bubble. Please be more upfront about the limitations of this platform. This can really throw a monkey wrench in someone’s plans.

I do understand that there are paid plugins, but that obviously increases costs and I’d imagine it makes one have to backtrack and change workflows or how things are constructed. Plus some of us try to minimize plugins. Bubble just got funding, maybe some resources will be allocated to this issue. The actual lower then 50mg limitation is just to low in my opinion.

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It can definitely be a surprise, as the limit is quite tricky to find in any documentation.

Maybe it should be stated on the Pricing page:

As it references the max storage size per app.

Perhaps even moving forward, Bubble could rollout tiered upload limits based on plans to start with. So the higher the plan, the greater the max upload file size can be.

I like the fact that you’re offering possible solutions, reasonable ones at that.

Much appreciated. I hope it’s not falling on deaf ears. @luke2 @Bubbleboy We have typically used the forum for documenting limits like this as we aim to continually raise the limit to allow users to share more content. We have noted the community’s feedback regarding upload size and will revisit this in coming months.

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Please take note that I can’t even upload 41.8mb’s either, rendering both of my apps useless with stock bubble. If you are uploading under the limit and getting that error, please submit a bug report

submitted, thanks…

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