A Petition to Raise the 50MB Upload Limit

Hi, this is one limitation Bubble has had for a long time.

I see there has been a lot of forum discussion about it in the past, but as far as I have seen, not many answers from the @Bubble team. There are also multiple plugins to try and bypass this limitation. Although the ones I have tried aren’t as good as the real thing as they lack real integration.

Some scenarios where a 50MB ceiling can be limiting: A podcast website where people can upload long audio clips, and a video message app where users can send video messages. I’m sure you can think of more. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m hoping we can get Bubble to raise the limit up to the same as AWS itself. And in the short term an in-depth answer for why it’s even there.

I think If we get together and show the Bubble team that we actually want this, it could get implemented

Leave a comment if you would like to raise this limit as well.


Hi there @stone

I’m a bit confused about your post. The pricing table says there is a 2-10Gb limit depending on the plan you choose… is there a detail behind all of this that I am missing…?

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Its hard to find a direct reference to this, can’t find the stated max upload value in the documentation or manual, but unfortunately the max file upload is 50mb and has been for some time now.

@stone I agree, 50mb these days is nothing and simply to small for anything media related except images.

Perhaps they could implement on each plan a limit e.g. Hobby = 50mb upload limit per file, Personal 500mb per file, Professional 1GB and something along those lines as I can understand bandwidth isn’t free.


Hi antony, I think the 50mb limit is on individual file upload. I can see that being limiting if you’ve got audio or video files you want to upload through Bubble.


There are a host of plugins that do this just dandy…in my view they work perfectly well…in addition, some offer additional processing and related features. I’m sure bubble has made it clear going noth of 50MB would require infrastucture changes.

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@Bubbleboy I repect your view and I’m glad there are great developers working on providing workarounds for this issue. And in some cases one could definitely make it work with some extra effort.

However, when using any of the available uploading plugins one would face integration, usability and ease-of-use problems. Not to mention that most people don’t want to spend extra money on paid plugins just to have a more inconvenient way to upload and manage files. (Multiplied by every single app one makes)

If this upload limit increase requires significant infrastructure changes, then maybe it is time to upgrade the infrastructure.

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Hello everybody,

It would be great if the Bubble team will provide a good solution for that case. I had conversations with a couple of persons, who were planned or still planning to build their projects using the Bubble platform. They didn’t like that limitation. I’ve tried to provide them a couple of alternative options, such as the plugins from the Bubble market. But they didn’t accept the options :frowning:

So, I think, that the raising will be a conducive step.


I would like to see this limit raised too, It’s an annoying limitation and It’s time for change. :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey Bubble Team @Bubble @neerja @emmanuel

It would be nice to get a comment and hear your thoughts on this. :slightly_smiling_face:

This is not a small project: it’s not just about raising the limit, we have to set up a new infrastructure to allow larger uploads (100MB+). So it’s not something we can do quickly, and given our current focus on performance and scalability, I can’t really commit to a timeline here. I’d love to remove this limitation, but we’ll need some time here.


@emmanuel Nice to see that you would like the limit gone, too. Hopefully it happens sooner rather than later.

I appreciate the focus on performance and scalability, It’s important.

It’s a bit off-topic. But If you don’t mind can you comment on native Font Awesome 5 + PRO support? It would be great improvement for many people.

Just support for the new tags (fal, far, fab) in BBcode text elements would be great.

I agree that upping the 50MB limit would be a very, very welcome change. Sure, there are alternatives out there - like S3/Uploadcare, but those lack the seamless integration with the Bubble platform. I’m all for it! (But I understand that it’ll take time!)


The app I’m building, which has received some positive feedback on, would really benefit from upgrading the limit (with concurrent increases in pricing being fair).

My app is very simple and secure as it only uses Bubble at the moment (Bubble privacy rules, repeating groups using a Bubble Thing) and I want to get it into production sooner than later and I’m not sure of the AWS integration through a ZeroQode plugin and how much redesign it would take and any security implications.

Maybe an official Bubble plugin, like the excellent Stripe plugin, would be the answer? A Bubble plugin that would connect to your AWS account, allow unlimited size uploads and implement usual Bubble rules and security?

@emmanuel what do you think?


In the long run, AWS is going to be a lot cheaper. Bubble is $1 a GB and just isn’t viable for large amounts of files whilst AWS, in my region at least, I’d be paying around $0.025 per gb. That is such a huge difference, paying bubble $1000 for a terabyte of storage for example, just really doesn’t seem viable when I can pay $25 instead.

Indeed, that’s why I’m saying Bubble should create a plugin that allows the use of your own AWS account. They don’t need to worry about messing with their plans and trying to compete with AWS; just make it easy to connect

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To be fair, I got the Zeroqode AWS File Uploader working over a Saturday. As long as you follow their documentation (and choose the same AWS regions for ID pool and S3 bucket) you should be good. Uploaded 223MB with ease.


Many thanks!

Happy to see if we could do anything else to improve your experience on the way!

Our prayers have been answered:


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