File Uploader - How to get Filename=

im struggling with a simple File Upload and File in DB Move.
Creating a File type File from File Uploader.
When i show it in RG i cant get a FIlename - only an S3 Link and Filename will be empty?!
How would i create a Filename when storing it i can only chose FIleuploader Value and this is the FIle?
And second when i show Size in RG how can i format it to MB?


Hi Dom,

When you upload the file you would need some kind of workflow to create the item within the database, something like this:


Once you have that then you can use the Search for fileItems as the RG source to display the data from your db.

The filename is stored automatically so you can then display this using Current cell’s fileItem’s file’s filename. Re your other q, you can show the file size in MB as below: