Files won't delete using Manager or Workflow

Last week I was able to manually delete uploaded files from the File Manager. Additionally I had a workflow that deleted uploaded files once they were cropped so the original large files won’t hang around taking up space. All of that was working up until a few days ago, but today I noticed that none of that works and uploaded files still appear in the database after deleting.

Using the File Manager, if I click on “delete” next to the row, the files looks like it is gone, but when I refresh the list, everything is right back there again. Did something change?

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This has to be a bug. Because its happening to me as well, I cannot delete anything.

This is also a serious issue for me because apparently if you use external photos via an API call, they make a new entry in the database every time a page uses one of those photos.

Now I have over 16,000 entries from reloading my pages through testing; full of duplicate photos. There is no mass deletion option, and even if I wanted to manually sit there and delete everything, its not actually deleting like you said. Upon refresh, nothing has changed.

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The problem seems to be resolved now.