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I searched through the forum looking for this and I couldn’t find anything that I needed.

I am looking to have a pdf (predesigned) filled with information from bubble.

Here is the scenario.

This app is a school management software and I am looking to generate Certificates and Transcripts.

With the Certificated, I want them designed and then filled with information from the students profile. Things like Name and Graduation Date.

With the Transcript I want it to list all of the courses they attended and name and graduation date.

All of this information will populate into an already designed Certificate and Transcript. What I do not what to do is turn a page into a pdf.

Does anyone know how I might go about finding this out. I looked at ConvertAPI I looked at SelectPDF and both are page to PDF.

Please Help!!! lol.

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Check out this plugin :

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Hey, that looks perfect, I’m wondering if there are any other services out there that might be less expensive. I can have a plugin built, but $50 per month is too much to pass on to any of my clients.



Does anyone know of any other companies that might be less expensive, or any other solution?

Hi @ben4,

You can create your own fillable PDF within bubble. Here are the steps:

  1. Insert the bubble image element on a page
  2. Upload your PDF file into the bubble image element - you’ll now be able to see a preview of the PDF file within bubble’s editor
  3. Add in text boxes / things that overlay on top of your PDF
  4. Purchase / rent a PDF creator app like @ZeroqodeSupport’s PDF Creator to save your new filled PDF
    a) Ensure that you setup the page dimensions correctly (i.e. A4 / Letter) - follow the guidance / steps

Let me know how that works for you.


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