How to programmatically fill out a PDF form?

I have a project that requires to fill out an official city government PDF form. Is there a tool, plugin or API where I can use the information collected and computed on Bubble and programmatically fill that form out? As a user, he would import that PDF form and then Bubble does the filling of the form using the data from the Thing.

Have a look here and see if you can manage to find a method for your use case. another option is to use something like the docusign plugin. Personally if the form is the same or a known set I would lay them in as images, overlay text fields then use the Documental services plugin to SnapShot an element or multiple pages before sending the SnapShot to the Documental PDF, DOCX, EPUB, ODT, ZIP, HTML, PNG, JPG or other conversion action. You can then use the Documental make file element (built in version of The Blob) to save the document anywhere you like or prompt a user to download the file.


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