How to allow completion of a PDF form?

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I have a PDF form (e.g. attached), which I need the user to be able to fill with data, and subsequently store the form with such data as a template with a possibility to edit the data. Is there a plug-in / tutorial that would allow the two actions?

Can anybody help with this please?

I think the plugin docMaker lets you upload Word templates and autofill data with it. But it’s a third party service with it’s own cost. Same thing with the DocSpring plugin.

If this is the only form you would need to auto-fill you could re-create the entire form natively in Bubble and just use a element to PDF plugin like Zeroqode’s to generate a PDF ($30 one time charge for the plugin I think).

Seems like if you’re not gonna have a ton of forms you could just re-create it and use the Page to PDF Zeroqode plugin

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You can use a service such as

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I’m using PDFOtter in Postman, and it works just as I need, the data is input in the relevant forms into the template created in PDFOtter.

But with Bubble, I’m using the same JSON body, and the “file” as data type, and it just returns a blank template, even though I enter the values i need in the JSON body:

What am I doing wrong?

Hi! thanks for the tip :slight_smile: could you please help with my last query on this thread?
many thanks! <3

Hi all, if anyone’s interested, I made a tutorial on how to complete PDF forms in Bubble with PDF Otter: