Fill data with data? :)

Hey! So i have created a group with components for example to figure out how to let the user fill a form to upload with some fields and images.
How do you set that when the user clicks on the “send the data” button it will fill the cells in the database so i can later show those details in a repeating group? Thank you!

Run a workflow action when the button is clicked to either ‘create a new thing’ or ‘make changes to thing’ (depending whether you adding a new entry or updating an existing one).

I’d recommend working through some of the basic Bubble tutorials if you’re not sure how to do fundamental things like adding and modifying data - they’re very helpful.

Thanks! Any recommendations for specific tutorial?

They’re talking about this:

Do all of these, before working on your own project. You’ll learn the answers to the majority of questions you see here in the forum.

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