Filter a Repeating Group Based on Four Dropdowns

Hey all! I have a section of our app where we have 4 dropdown fields each with a respective value. They each have an additional value called “do not include”. If the user selects the “do not include” option, then that dropdown will not be included in the search. I thought about using “ignore empty constraints” but I don’t want it to return all fields if a constraint doesn’t match. I would need the Repeating group to only show the results based on the other 3 dropdown fields. Then if they select “do not include” on dropdown 1 and dropdown 3, the RG would search based on dropdown fields 2 and 4.

Any idea how to pull this off without creating a ton of conditions to check if the value “do not include” was included in one of the fields?

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I have a project I’m working on with a RG showing all kinds of stock information and it too can get filtered based on up 9 variables. The way I’ve done it is with carefully structured Conditions based on what is in a Custom State. If there is an easier way I’m all ears, but it wasn’t that bad to put together and it works pretty well.



Thanks for the info on this! This actually sparked an idea. I’m testing this now, but what I did was I created four states on a group - one state for each dropdown. In the workflows, I set to “when ‘x’ dropdown does not equal ‘do not include’, set state to dropdown’s value”. Essentially, this should keep the state empty if 'do not include" is the value, so it shouldn’t affect the search. If this does indeed work, this is a pretty simple workaround!

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Excellent, keep us updated on the progress. :smiley: