Filter a repeating group on dynamic data

Hi. I would like to use a dropdown menu to filter a repeating group based on a dynamic data point that is calculated per item in the repeating group. Take a look at the image, please. FYI, I know how to do this for the data fields w/in the data type of the repeating group.


Please help. Thank you!


What are you trying to filter by? The image doesn’t have any explanation about what it is. Are you trying to filter by the value calculated within the repeating group cell? If so, you can not do that I think since the repeating group is displayed, so then how can it be sorted after displayed based on the calculated value? Also, the sort function only (as far as I know) allows you to sort by fields that are part of the datatype the search is for.

Of course, there are ways to calculate the values before showing a repeating group.

Yes, I am trying to filter by the value that is being calculated (the value being pointed to in the image). And, yes, of course, I am find if a solution is to calculate the value before showing the repeating group. I’m open to any solution.

What are you calculating and what data types and fields are involved in the calculation as well as any other value not in the database that is part of the calculation and what is the data type of your repeating group?

I created a projects listing page (think of it like a products listing page on an ecom site). I have a repeating group that displays projects from the project data type.
Some of the details displayed per project in the repeating group are:

  • project name
  • project description
  • project budget
  • project category

Also, each of those items are fields in the project data type.

Additionally, each of the projects in the repeating group has a dynamic data pointthat isn’t saved to the database. This dynamic data point is called ‘Distance From’. Its result is calculated via an API that I send values from the project data type of each project.

My question is, how can I filter the repeating group by the ‘Distance From’ data point?

All set here. Thank you. I figured out how to do this server side.

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