Filter A RG Using An RG

When the page loads a repeating group shows.

The icon which the arrow refers to is the HIDE icon. (1a)

If the current user (when logged in) clicks on the icon

That particular post is not shown to the current user anymore.

All other users can still see the post unless they too have clicked the Hide Icon.

To hide the image I have put in the Single Issue Table
A data type IssueHide (List of Invisibles) (2a)

And in the Invisible Table
A data type UserHide (Single Issue) (3a)

The result I get in the Invisible Table when the Eye Icon is clicked is: (a4)

My problem is that I can’t get the post to hide when the current user has

Hidden the post but all post remain for the other users.

I’ve tried countless ways and think it must be a filter of some sorts but with

No luck.

This is my latest effort. (5a)

If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated.

A link to the site is here.


Hi there, @alec.bancroft… I’m not sure if I fully understand your post, but if I do, I think you might be making things more complicated than they need to be.

It sounds like a “post” is your way of referring to a thing in the SingleIssue data type. If that is true and if a user likely won’t be hiding hundreds or thousands of posts, it seems to me like you could simplify everything by having a field somewhere (I might just put it on the User data type) called something like hidden posts that stores a list of SingleIssues.

When a user hides a post, simply add the associated thing in the SingleIssue data type to the user’s hidden posts field. Then, set the data source of the repeating group that displays the posts to Search for SingleIssues:minus list Current User's hidden posts, and you should get the desired result.

Anyway, I might have totally missed the mark here, but hopefully my reply helps in some way, shape, or form.


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Hi Mike, thanks for that. I initially did something like that on my first attempt at making it work. Rather than putting the list inside the User data type I put the list inside the SingleIssue data type.

However, I then read (or thought I read) on the forum that you couldn’t use a list if it was likely that the user would likely have 30 posts or more hidden.

You seem happy that the list could hold over 30 so that’s great. I’ve implemented your suggestion and it works just fine (as expected :smile:).

Thanks Al.

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