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Requiring user to only input the data from my database into a input field

So I am trying to make a input field to where when a user enters data from my bubble database into the field it let’s them continue. In other words I want the input setup to where the user can only continue if they input what is in the database…I tried “Do a search for” function in the “Only When” section in workflow but it shows up red as it is a false command…

Any help appreciated

Hi there, @kswain605… if you can share some screenshots, I’m sure someone will be able to help. In general, it sounds like you were headed down the right path (assuming you don’t just want to show existing data/options in a dropdown or something). You would need to search a field in a data type for the input field’s value and see if there is a match. You can see if there is a match by adding :count > 0 to the end of your search expression. In fact, maybe that’s why the expression is red… that is, you haven’t added anything to the end of the search that can actually be evaluated?