Filter Repeating Group from External API by Multiple Keyword Phrases (OR like Functionality)

Hi Everyone,

This one is really bothering me - I just can’t seem to figure it out. Any help the group can provide would be much appreciated. There has to be a way. :slight_smile:

I currently have a repeating group with a source from an external API. The source has a variable with a bid name - an example would be POLLUTION PREVENTION CONTROL PLAN MASTER PLAN UPDATE. The source has hundreds of records with different bid names.

Each user has a list of keyword phrases that they added. For example, a user could have a list that contains, Project Management, Master Plan, Environmental Assessment.

My goal is to filter the repeating group based on bid names with ANY of those keywords present - consider it like an OR statement for each keyword phrase the user has added.

I’m currently able to filter the repeating group by a specific ITEM in the list using "contains keyword(s) in the :filtering function, but I can’t seem to figure out how to filter by more than 1 keyword at a time so that ALL records with any of those 3 keyword phrases are in the repeating group.

Thoughts? I’m hopeful what I’m looking to do is possible.

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