Filter Repeating Group with dropdowns and Option Set

Hoping I ‘Rubber Duck’ myself here as usual and figure it out as soon as I post for help. Hopefully this will make sense; not sure how to present it so it isn’t confusing for people.

Data Types: Staff, Course, Register.
Register fields - One of them is ‘Session Course’ which is field type Course
Option Set ‘Register Headings’ = Course, Organisation, Instructor, Renewal date

Page: Register
‘Dropdown Staff’ pulls info from Staff, populates a box with info (Group type of content = Staff), and Repeating Group RG Session Log
RG Session Log does a search for Registers
Dropdown (‘Ddown Filter A’) A - Dynamic choices, Type = Register Headings, All Register Headings

All of the above working 100%.

Dropdown B (‘Ddown Filter B’) is the issue (I think??). Dynamic choices, Type = Register, do a search for Registers. Check!
Conditional: When Ddown Filter A’s value is Course, Choices source RG Session Log’s List of Registers:filtered →

List filter: Employee = Dropdown Staff’s value

And this is where I’ve tried I-don’t-know-how-many different new contraint, sort by, etc combinations. At one point I got it to half work - In Preview I checked ‘Inspect’ and it was finding all the Course entries from the Register, and only showing the unique elements in there, but I couldn’t figure out the option caption, and I also have the error message “An error occurred trying to evaluate this property: The dynamic sort field [list of course names is in here] is not recognized as a field on the type Register.”

So I’m sure the issue is that the Session Course (in Register) is pulled from Courses, i.e different data type, I just can’t figure out how to work around it.

I’ll screencap one of the things I tried.

That’s not how you use dynamic sorting. The Dynamic field name should result to the name of a field in your datatype (Thing). So if you want to sort it by Session Course, the result of the Dynamic field name should be Session Course.

I feel like I’m missing something else that you’re trying to ask but I can’t figure it out.

Hi, thanks for replying :slight_smile:

Correct, I completely forgot to mention that ‘Session Course’ doesn’t appear as a choice in the List filter, hence me experimenting with ‘Change which field’ and various other things.

Another image, if that helps. Trying to set it up so that when ‘Course’ is selected in the first filter dropdown, the second one is populated with the list of course names (unique elements) in the RG Session Log relevant to the individual staff member (Dropdown Staff populates that top box and the RG via an ‘Employee’ field in Register )…if that makes any sense.

Would prefer not to post the link here - mind if I PM you?

That works. Full disclosure, I might not be able to get to it for the next couple of days…