Filter rows in repeating group based on data from API, not Bubble DB

I’ve tried and failed a bunch of different ways, so looking for some help at this point.

I have a repeating group that, for a given user, displays data from other users’ LinkedIn profiles (photo, recent job titles, etc.). This works as expected. However, I would like to filter the Repeating Group to only show user profiles where one of the fields from the LinkedIn API includes keywords specified by the current user in an input box above the repeating group.

This would be very straightforward IF the desired search field was in my Bubble database, but in this case the relevant field is part of the LinkedIn API. Bubble’s query tool does not appear to allow me to search on these fields.

I suppose I could store (and subsequently update) the necessary LinkedIn field for each user in the Bubble database when they authenticate with LinkedIn, but that strikes me as rather inefficient and possibly a violation of LinkedIn’s terms (I need to go back and check). So before I go down that route, just wondering if I’m overlooking a possible solution.

Thanks in advance for any advice …

I think what you need here is the filter option on a list. See

Thanks, Emmanuel. I had tried :filtered and numerous other paths that seemed close to working but would not take, even when they seemed that they should/would. For example, in this screenshot, I would have expected the “'s” + LinkedIn API fields to appear here as they do most other places I see the LinkedIn variable, but they’re absent from the list (as are all of the other “'s” options):

I do believe I finally figured it out using the “Advanced” filter shown here:

… where I’m assuming “This User” refers to each User row in the repeating group being searched/filtered (as opposed to the “Current User” conducting said search – though I can’t tell for sure because at the moment I’m both that Current User and the only user in the repeating group results!).

That’s indeed the right approach.

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Hi @emmanuel emmanuel

what if I need to filter the rows in repeating group based on a data from API with respect to a value from the bubble DB?

None of the above options are working for me… Am I missing any logic?


I’m having issues understanding what you’re trying to do. Any chance you can simplify the problem on the forumapp3?

Apologies for not being clear :slight_smile:

Actually I created 2 Applications
first one is my primary App and the other is market place. I need to access the db of the marketplace app and filter only the products and vendor details that were matching with my product lists in my primary app.

Finally I cracked the logic today :slight_smile: and now it works as expected :slight_smile: .

sharing my application links if anyone wants to refer …

Market Place :

Primary App :

@edd and @emmanuel

i’m trying to implement the suggestion shown here, but it’s not working. specifically, i want to filter out any records from an API call that don’t have an author listed in the “author” field. i don’t want these records that don’t have an author to show up in my repeating group. i tried using the Advanced filter on the Repeating Group, but it does not seem to be working. can someone look at this and tell me what i’m doing wrong?


What you’re doing is fine, each entry has a author (first text in each cell), no?

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thanks @emmanuel for looking at this! yes, it appears to be working correctly now!

Can someone please help me with my setup?

I have a repeating group within a group.

I want the repeating group sorted by the Pinterest Board’s creation date.

I have another repeating group in a group. This one is for the user’s pins. I want that filtered and sorted. The setup I have is the same as what I did for the board repeating group.

with the PinBoardSelected-ID being a field I created in the database to store that ID.

If I remove the sorting and filters, I get the list showing, but obviously not sorted nor filtered. With both commands, however, it isn’t working and I keep getting these errors:

Can someone help me with what’s wrong and help me get it right?!

Anyone seen that error message before?

I noticed that the groups that contain the repeating groups had the wrong ‘type of content’.
I changed them both to ‘User’ and data source: ‘current user’, then each repeating group is

type ‘Pinterest Board’, data source: current user’s pinterest boards &
type ‘Pinterest Pin’, data source: current user’s pinterest pins

I thought that was what the problem was but I’m still getting the same errors

Someone please help!

In order to force it to sort and filter the lists received from the pinterest plugin, I resorted to creating multiple fields in my database so that I can create a thing from the different fields in each list (Current User’s Pinterest Boards and Current User’s Pinterest Pins).

I read that you have to do an API workflow on a list. So I tried that, but all that’s happening is it takes all the items (the user’s pinterest boards) and saves that list as 1 thing.

I want it to create a thing for each item on the list but don’t know how to get it to do that. I don’t like this method because it seems more cumbersome and involved then just sorting and filtering the lists when its received from the plugin. Why is that not possible?

Someone have insights on this please!!

bumping this again…can someone please help?? Please see my most recent replies, I have screenshots!.