Filtering a repeating group with dates

I recently posted about trying to filter a group by using multiple check boxes.
Thanks to Nikolai from Echo Lake Technologies I was able to accomplish that.

Now I want to add a way to filter by the creation date using two date pickers and having the records show up that fit the criteria of the check boxes + are in between the two dates.

I have been atcit awhile and I just can’t get it down.

Thank you.

Hi @lacacatoco, it’ll depend on what your filtering method is for the existing constraints, but you can either add in the dates in the original search. For example:

Search for Users
constraint 1: Creation Date > Datepicker 1
constraint 2: Creation Date < Datepicker 2

Or you can use “Display List” action to filter the existing list in a workflow:

Button is clicked > Display List: RG’s List of Things:filtered [date constraints]

Lots of ways to achieve this, but if you share a bit more about what you have so far, you’ll get more specified help. Screenshots screenshots! :smile:

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