Need Help With Retrieving User Input To Another Form!

I’m currently building a use case with the following scenario:

  1. User enters data in form.

  2. user clicks “save project”

  3. User clicks “Load project” on a new page.

  4. The initial form gets loaded with the data that user entered in step 1.

Accomplished this task till point 2. Saving the data in database.

How do I retrieve it and have user inputs pre-filled with the saved data?

It may be a noob question - so pardon me for that.


Hello! It is a good question. Many new users struggle with this. It is okay. This is a great place to get help.

All you have to do is send that data to a group.

Check this link:

Thank you, @grace.hallak :smiley:

But what I’m looking to do is upload the data entered on one page to show up on another page inside relevant input fields.

Do you know how that can be accomplished?

Thanks :slight_smile:

My bad. You can use URL Parameters.

Check the link:

My bad. You can use URL Parameters.

  1. When the save button is clicked, it goes to another page and sends the data via URL Parameters (key1, key2, key3)
  2. You can see when you go to he next page that its URL contains the parameter &key1=Hello&key2=Father&key3=22 the inputs takes the data from the URL Parameters. In this case, key1 which has the First name so the input where you want to display the First name takes “Hello” from key1 parameter. Same goes to the other parameters.

Check the link:

You shouldn’t need url parameters. For your second page, make the type of the page user.

Then for your workflow to access the second page from the first it should have 2 steps.

  1. Go to page.
  2. Display data in page using the result of the previous workflow step where you created the user.
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Nice way. Didn’t think of it.