FILTERING feature with several parameters

I struggle to filter RG when there are several constraints at the same time. It is strange that I can filter by customer name & commission value, but filter by Value works only when there are no other constraints at all.

I thought I can set a list of custom states for each constrains, but it does not work.

I think that it is VERY hard to explain to you how it works in the editor even if I give you an URL here. It would be wonderful if someone can call me via Zoom.

an important checkbox to consider is in your screenshot bottom left: ignore empty constraints. if clicked if for example you have no filter X selected, it will still find things.

i see you have a search within a search, that is to be avoided if possible as it is quite slow. you could maybe have X have a list of Ys instead of X and Y datatypes not being joined in your database.

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Looking for someone who can make a Zoom call.