Filtering list of clubs by age groups age range

Hi guys I have a list of clubs I want to be able to filter.

I want my users to pick their age and it only shows clubs which have age groups that contains the
selected age in a dropdown or input field.

Age groups have the age range set to a numeric range data type. how would I get his done?

Thanks again for this fab community!


Hello @lucalemorg
Can you take a screenshot of the database? Especially the club table

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@NoCodeDataArtisan Sure!

In clubs > List of age groups > Have age range = numeric range

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Screenshot 2023-04-24 at 08.43.05

This worked, i placed it on the repatriating groups group

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I apologize for the delay, I was busy today :dizzy_face:

I will provide the necessary guidance as soon as possible :pray:

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