Filtering repeating groups with multidropdown

I have a “Products” Repeating group, and I have created a filter by Tags. These tags are option sets.

In order to do this, I have created a list of tags in my user (Filtered tags) and also in the product (Tags). So both the product and the user have tags.

For the filter to work, I created the following workflow



This works very well indeed. The problem is that if I click on the x and remove the tag, for example, “no code” tag, it is still in the user’s list, so the filter is still acting. How should I do to remove only that tag from my user’s list and not remove the whole tag filter?

When the x is clicked then you need to Make changes to user and Filtered tags remove item Parent Group’s tag

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The answer was just to change “add list” by “set list”.

Thank you all